About the UCI Epilepsy Research Center

The Epilepsy Research Center (EpiCenter) was founded in 2002 with the mission of promoting epilepsy-related research at UC Irvine. It is now home to leading epilepsy researchers from across disciplines, providing an "incubator" for productive collaborative basic and translational research.

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Postdoctoral Neuroscience/Epilepsy Research Positions

The multidisciplinary Epilepsy Research program supports diverse approaches to (1) understanding fundamental neurobiological processes leading to epilepsy and associated cognitive and emotional problems (2) translational research.

By The Numbers

The UC Irvine EpiCenter is considered among the top research epilepsy centers in the country.


The Center enables one of only two NIH T32 epilepsy training grants in the United States.

The EpiCenter is in the top
centers nationwide
The EpiCenter includes
faculty from 10 schools
Currently active NIH funds on epilepsy
per year
Current multi-year awards for active EpiCenter members